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AMPtize your website for New Year

It’s time to enjoy the holidays and get ready to celebrate the new year. For Amptize, it’s time to work on future plans, wrap up big tasks before the new year starts, and do all the necessary updates.

Do you have WordPress site?

Then it’s time to update your framework because WordPress has released the 5.0 version recently. It’s a major release of 2018 from WordPress with a completely new set of improvements and some prominent changes.

Don’t forget to create a complete backup of your WordPress site before you hit the update button.

The biggest change in the latest version is its editor. WordPress has launched a new block-based editor called “Gutenberg” which allow users to create beautiful layouts using content blocks. At first, it could be a little bit frustrating for users as it’s completely different than the old editor, but that’s common. Once you are used to the new editor, you are going to love this. Hopefully, WordPress will keep making required updates to the editor based on users’ feedback to make it much more user-friendly.

Update all your plugins

Is it really necessary to update plugins? The answer is “Yes!”.

Why need to update them?

Do you update all the apps you use on your phone and its Operating System (OS)? Why? For better security, bug-free code, new features, and functionality. WordPress is a software similar to your mobile apps that you update time-to-time for better user experience and fix bugs.

Time to make your website responsive

Are you still running your business based on an old-school website? It’s time to give your website a modern look and make it mobile-friendly. The time has gone when people use desktop or laptop only to surf the internet and browse websites. This generation uses the internet on their mobile phones and tablets mostly and that’s why search engines like Google and Bing rank well only mobile-friendly website. For more traffic and increase your sales, you must need a Google-approved responsive web design.

Review and Optimize

As new updates are installed, it’s time to test web pages again and make required tweaks to make it look good on desktop, laptop, tablets and different mobile phone screens. Search engines are being strict above website speed as well. If your website loads slow, it’s time to optimize it.

In short, just make your website up-to-date and be more successful in the new year. Amptize is here for you to provide all the web services you need for your website in 2019. We are professional! We are creative! We are trustworthy! Contact us at [email protected] to get started!