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Copy your paper notes to your laptop with Google Lens

Do you love writing on paper, but hate retyping it on a laptop or computer system? Then it’s good news for you!

Google Lens already has a feature to copy and paste your handwritten notes from paper to your phone quickly. But now you can copy the handwritten to your computer as well easily. First of all, you should have the latest version of Google Chrome on your desktop/laptop and make sure to update the Google Lens app on your Android or iOS phone. Then sign in to the same Google account on both devices.

Copy text from paper to your laptop with Google Lens

Gif: Google

Are you done with those? Now select the text you want to copy from the paper with the Lens and tap “Copy to computer”. It will quickly paste all the selected text to the signed-in device with Google Chrome. If you are having trouble, maybe your handwriting isn’t as much neat and clean; work on that, lol! If you are a writer with neat handwriting, this feature is for you. You can copy your notes to your laptop/computer without having to retype.